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LIWA has developed formally acknowledged, nationally integrated and government endorsed structures called Sector Skills Advisory Committee (SSACs).

The purpose of these committees is to

  • Guide and maintain oversight of skills development.

  • Development of occupation standards & curriculum.

  • Assessment of tools and centers.

  • Certification, work integrated learning standards and train the trainer programs in their respective occupations.

To address the issue of mismatch of skills demanded and supplied, and also taking a proactive role to ensure current and future job opportunities acquire local highly skilled workers, LIWA facilitated the establishment of four Sector Skills Advisory Committees (SSACs) in the below occupations:-

  • Welding

  • Instrumentation & Control

  • Heavy and Light Machinery operations

  • Mechanical Technology and Maintenance

In 2018 TVET/CDACC has also approved the development of the following SSACs by LIWA;

  1. Mechanical Technician.

  2. Chemical Technician.

  3. Food Technician.

  4. Renewable energy Technician.

  5. Electrical installation Technician.

  6. Bio medical Technician.

  7. Automotive mechanical Technician.

  8. Electronic Technician.

  9. Water and waste Technician.

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